Tuesday, July 20, 2004

What's "Borderbuster" have to do with The Global Small Business Blog? Everything.


The Global Small Business Blog is a newborn marketing channel for "Borderbuster," a free, monthly 12-page e-newsletter published by GlobeTrade.com. "Borderbuster" was inaugurated November of 2001 for the purpose of helping entrepreneurs and small businesses go global. Thought leaders consider it to be one of the top three best resources in the United States for providing practical and relevant global business information. Entrepreneur magazine and The Wall Street Journal have praised "Borderbuster" for its excellence in empowering the small business community to expand internationally.

In June of 1985, GlobeTrade.com's parent company Global TradeSource, Ltd. was launched. Since then, we have assisted more than one million entrepreneurs, small businesses, activists, futurists, academics, executives and corporate risk-takers to go global.

We hope you enjoy The Global Small Business Blog's content. In a subsequent post, I will share with you an abridged issue of "Borderbuster." After that, I will only supply updates from it. If you are interested in receiving the full version, I suggest you sign up here: Borderbuster Sign Up

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