Thursday, May 23, 2024

The Long-Term Risks and Benefits of AI Around the World

©iStock/Jacob Wackerhausen
The long-term risks and benefits of AI will quite likely impact people all around the world, and they will pose unique challenges that observers cannot yet understand. 

But there is significant reason to think that humanity will be better off in the future if stakeholders work to get AI governance right today. 

For those in the Global Minority who are genuinely interested in arriving at a convergence on trust with the Global Majority, one of the most powerfully obvious yet enduringly stubborn ways of narrowing the existing gap is to carefully listen to the lived experiences that, in turn, shape the priorities of the world’s largest populations. 

Addressing the roots of distrust today would carry over into safeguards far more robust and enduring in the future, online and offline. We hope this piece adds to that evolving conversation. 

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