Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Top Global Artificial Intelligence Markets Outside the United States

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Artificial Intelligence is a top emerging technology with applications across industries and implications for our society. It has been reshaping the global economy and national security.

The global AI industry is thriving. In 2021 (latest report), AI global funding doubled to $66.8 billion, and a record 65 AI companies reached $1B+ valuations, up 442% from the previous year. Each year, more and more companies and governments worldwide adopt AI solutions. 

The report below presents a brief overview of top AI global hubs outside the United States. Each country includes an AI ecosystem overview, government incentives & policies, education & research institutions, leading events, and industry groups. The initial markets for this report were selected based on global rankings, the highest number of AI companies concentrated there, venture capital, and related research institutions.

Read the Artificial Intelligence Report.

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