Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Female Founders: A Missed Opportunity That The World Needs to Wakeup On

Investing in women entrepreneurs and founders is a huge opportunity that both financial and ESG strategies have historically missed. Women-led companies yield better returns on investment (ROI), generating 78 cents for every dollar of funding; male-founded startups generate just 31 cents, according to research by BCG and MassChallenge.

Women entrepreneurs are also more likely to create innovative solutions to address social needs. These impact-driven businesses grow faster [especially if they expand internationally] and make more money while solving real-world problems, a win-win on all accounts.

Women leaders, on average, hire more women, and retain talent by supporting the people on their teams and checking in on their overall well-being. At their best, women foster a culture of good intentions, empathy, acceptance, inclusiveness, and non-judgment.

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