Monday, July 31, 2023

Hard-Working Women Business Owners

Guidant annually reaches out to the hardworking small business owners across the country to gain insights into their experiences, challenges, and future plans.

They also acknowledge the critical role businesses owned by women-owned businesses play in the economy.  The Women President Organization knows this to be true as well. 

In this segment of Guidant's Small Business Trends report, they provide trends, insights, and experiences reported by entrepreneurs of color this year.

Supporting the growth and success of underserved communities is a priority for Guidant, including businesses owned by women and entrepreneurs of color. In this segment, our data will highlight growing trends and challenges among women-owned businesses.

Learn more about who are the women business owners in 2023, what are they like, their recruitment and retention challenges and how they embrace economic uncertainty.

The results of the report indicate women-owned businesses are embracing risk and paving the way for success — no matter the economic landscape.

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