Tuesday, June 20, 2023

National Trade Estimate (NTE) Report 2023 on Foreign Trade Barriers

The National Trade Estimate (NTE) Report 2023 on Foreign Trade Barriers covers significant barriers, whether they are consistent or inconsistent with international trading rules.  The NTE Report also discusses key export markets for the United States, covering 60 countries; the European Union; Taiwan; Hong Kong, China; and, the Arab League. Omission of particular countries and barriers does not imply that they are not of concern to the United States.

How do you define trade barriers?

Trade barriers elude fixed definitions, but may be broadly defined as government laws and regulations or government-imposed measures, policies, and practices that restrict, prevent, or impede the international exchange of goods and services; protect domestic goods and services from foreign competition; artificially stimulate exports of particular domestic goods and services; fail to provide adequate and effective protection of intellectual property rights; unduly hamper U.S. foreign direct investment or U.S. electronic commerce; or impose barriers to cross-border data flows.

Read the entire report here.

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