Friday, April 21, 2023

Women Are Fueling the Growth in Global Entrepreneurship

Doesn't take much data to understand what's happening with women interested in entrepreneurship.  Visit Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global® to witness first hand the power of women taking on the world with their businesses.

And in the United States, according to The World Economic Forum, many women are fueling the uptick in global entrepreneurship, creating around half of all new businesses in 2022.   

Cravings for financial stability and flexibility were two of the reasons women gave for founding their own companies, data by Gusto indicated.  

Yet at Escape From Corporate America, established in 2004, there are other reasons for women starting their own businesses:  They want freedom, flexibility, recognition, more money, and opportunities to leave a legacy – all the things they once thought they would find within corporations.

Learn more about WEF's report on why more women are starting businesses than ever before.

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