Friday, February 03, 2023

Indian Companies Eyeing Global Expansion

©iStock/lakshmiprasad S
Small and medium businesses in India have now set their sights on global expansion, with many first-generation entrepreneurs successfully building their companies and looking to grow overseas.

After completing his master’s degree in 1999, 48-year-old Saket Gaurav started working at a Russian company for a while before he moved to Dubai to join another firm. 

Hailing from Patna, Bihar, Saket had no plans to be an entrepreneur. However, the 2007-08 financial crisis forced the company in the Middle East to shut shop.   Saket, who calls himself an ‘accidental entrepreneur’, was left with two options—looking for a new job or building his own company. 

Find out what Saket did and meet some of the other Indian companies eyeing global expansion.

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