Friday, January 06, 2023

Beijing's Global Media Offensive (New Book)

©iStock/Oleksandr Siedov
James M. Lindsay, Council on Foreign Relations, "My sense is that China has consciously decided over the last decade or so, to try to use media power to influence politics in other countries. Can you tell me a little bit about what China has been doing, and why it's pursuing these efforts?"

Joshua Kurlantzick, author of Beijing's Global Media Offensive: China’s Uneven Campaign to Influence Asia and the World:  "Well, I think within the last ten years to twelve years, China, under Xi Jinping decided that the global discourse, both about China and about all sorts of events that relate to China, because virtually every event relates to China, the discourse or the discourse power, as China refers to it, are being dominated by liberal democracies and their media outlets."

Read the entire interview and Mr. Kurlantzick's complete answer here.  

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