Monday, September 19, 2022

Today in Global Small Business: Bluedog Named Crain's #1 Best Place to Work!

What's affecting me, my clients, my colleagues and other global small business owners:

  • Michelle Hayward, founder and CEO of Chicago-based Certified B-Corporation Bluedog Design, wins Best Place to Work by Crain's Chicago Business 2022.  Second year in a row!
  • Why you should be on TikTok.  (wegg® is.)
  • The global economy, led by the Western world, looks pretty broken, does it not?  A lot is due to the war in Ukraine (shame on Russia).
  • Quote of the week: "Each employee has a voice. They have control, and we support them in their growth and we support each other. We foster a culture where there is a sense of belonging. From our research, belonging is why people choose to stay with a company. We just really believe that people are the No. 1 aspect." – Michelle Hayward, founder and CEO, Bluedog Design, #1 Best Place To Work winner 2021 and 2022
  • Maybe the US is in a recession but global small businesses forge on.
  • Omotola Akinbiyi, founder of Chicago-based bon femmes, discusses on the How She Went Global® podcast how she set up her ecommerce store, why she wanted to conduct business worldwide, and how she is making an impact with female creatives.

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