Tuesday, August 16, 2022

What It Takes to Generate Value-Creating Growth in 2022

©iStock/Yuril Karvatskyi
To buck these trends – slowing global economy, rising inflation, and geopolitical uncertainty – business leaders need to follow a holistic growth blueprint consisting of three core elements: 

  1. A bold aspiration and accompanying mindset 
  2. The right enablers embedded in the organization
  3. And clear pathways in the form of a coherent set of growth initiatives

To understand how organizations can try to overcome obstacles, McKinsey & Company studied the growth patterns and performance of the world’s 5,000 largest public companies over the past 15 years through various lenses. 

Their findings suggest ten imperatives that should guide organizations seeking to outgrow and outearn their peers.  And No. 8 is:  Go global if you can beat local.  Expand internationally if you have a transferable advantage.

Find out what it takes to generate value-creating growth for a business.

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