Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Connecting Culture Through Fashion wegginar® with LaShawn Kenley on July 13th

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How does she do it – go global?  Find out at our upcoming wegginar® Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 11AM CT (free of charge thanks to our sponsors as noted in the beautiful graphic).  Listen to the great and mighty LaShawn Kenley, CEO and founder of Sun Gods LLC when she talks about "Connecting Culture Through Fashion."

Below are her expected takeaways. Have you been thinking about any or all of these things and been feeling stuck? Well get unstuck when you listen to LaShawn Kenley's journey, which includes a ton of experience in globalization.  She'll cover:

  1. Learn what Bohemian Afro-Chic is.
  2. How to start an e-commerce fashion business.
  3. How to source fabric (domestic and international).
  4. How to build an authentic brand/create a niche.
  5. How to use social/digital media to create a global appearance.

To learn more and to register (free of charge), visit: https://bit.ly/3NLMXyy

See you there!

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