Friday, March 04, 2022

Three Bold Women Business Owners Unearth the Hidden Gems to Taking a Business Global (SCORE Webinar 3/8)

What does it take to go global? It’s not one thing that propels you to success. Rather, it’s a series of things that must be done well that will get you that much closer to improving your overall growth potential and conducting business with customers the world over.

In this webinar, three experienced global women entrepreneurs: Laurel Delaney, Founder and President, Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global®, Lena Phoenix, Co-Founder and President, Feel the World, Inc.,  and Debra Dudley, Founder, Oscarware share successes building e-commerce sales globally, leveraging a Shark Tank experience, turning Made in USA products into a competitive advantage, and shipping worldwide – all to make the world their business. 

Join this free of charge webinar on International Women's Day, Tuesday, March 8th at 1PM Eastern Time to learn about:
  • Why going global is essential for companies to remain competitive
  • Being BOLD during uncertain and challenging times
  • Leveraging a Shark Tank experience created new opportunities for growth
  • Using governmental organizations can boost your global growth
  • How to get paid and ship on global deals
  • Uncovering new pockets of global growth
Hosted by SCORE in partnership with Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global®.

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