Tuesday, February 01, 2022

How It's Done: Growing An Organic, Natural Wellness Brand Globally (wegginar® 2/2/22)

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Stephanie Morimoto is Owner & CEO of Asutra, where she is passionate about helping people take care of themselves on purpose so they can get the most out of life – what she calls active self care. 

Asutra offers over 50 organic, natural remedies for pain relief, sleep and rejuvenation, so you can care for yourself well.

Stephanie will be presenting a wegginar® for Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global® on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 11AM CT.  Feel free to join us (I, [Laurel Delaney] will be on the call as well).  The event is free of charge thanks to wegg's sponsors:  Associated Bank, Bluedog, FedEx, GlobalCare Clinical Trials and Union Pacific.  You must register to participate, which can be done here.

Stephanie plans to focus on – how to:

  • Grow your distribution
  • Drive product development
  • Build a strong team
  • Establish agency partnerships
  • Scale through e-commerce
  • + More ...

Some other cool things about Asutra.  

Asutra is women-owned and women-led. We’re able to create products that help women because we’re made up of amazing women. Venus Williams, yup that Venus Williams, is part owner and our Chief Brand Officer. Venus, like myself, started as a customer and once she learned more about Asutra and its passion and focus on natural ingredients, she wanted to become part of the team.

We are super excited to host Stephanie.  Again, join us free of charge by registering here.  Learn what it takes to grow your business globally.

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