Wednesday, January 26, 2022

90% of Everything is Crap

One of my favorite thought leaders, Marc Andreessen says, “I had heard of this, aha, Sturgeon’s law!” Theodore Sturgeon (1918-85) was a science-fiction author annoyed that people were saying all sci-fi was bad and wanted to stand up for the 10% that was good, saying, “90% of everything is crap.” Mr. Andreessen says “90% of music is crap.” The same is true of “paintings, writing, TV shows and movies.” 

Who's Marc Andreessen?  

He developed Mosaic, the first internet browser, which allowed users to wander around the World Wide Web 90% of the time. He moved to Silicon Valley and founded Netscape. Mr. Andreessen is now a general partner at a top-decile venture-capital firm, better than 90% of its peers. Andreessen Horowitz recently raised $9 billion in new funds.

Andy Kessler for the Wall Street Journal discusses how venture capitalist Marc Andreessen explains the world with Sturgeon's law.  And part of that law is that 90% of everything is crap.  Love it.

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