Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Going Global: Best Practices For Reaching Key Stakeholders with Pamela Passman, APCO New York

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How do you identify, align and prioritize the most critical issues—including business, regulatory and reputational opportunities and threats at your business?  How do you identify and prioritize the stakeholders, decision makers and influencers that have the power to affect those issues, and therefore influence your operations and growth?  And how do you develop and execute strategies to monitor, engage and manage priority stakeholders?  

Big, deep questions that we all wrestle with and Pamela Passman, Managing Director, APCO New York will be addressing these and more at her wegginar® tomorrow, December 1, 2021 at 11AM CT, "Going Global:  Best Practices For Reaching Key Stakeholders."

Bring your notepad, thoughts, and an open mind to this engaging and informative wegginar.  The event is free of charge thanks to wegg's generous sponsors (refer to graphic above).  

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