Friday, October 29, 2021

Do You Need to Think Small To Succeed?

No way!  After all, this blog is about going big and going big involves going global.

Executive creative director of IMA Simon Long says:

“Long ideas start to shape marketing post Covid-19.  Seeing the world as consumers do, they don’t just last – they live.  Designed to successfully balance short-term demands with long-term strategies.”

Marketers shouldn’t be thinking small – they should be considering how the Big Idea can be broken up to fit best among their international strategy, not discarded entirely.

One other thing.

A Big Idea can be aligned to a concept or feeling, but for it to be effective and relevant to local consumers, the execution should incorporate cultural nuances. This is why the main concern for marketers working with global brands shouldn’t be about the efficiency of standardization but about the effectiveness of cultural segmentation.

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