Friday, November 27, 2020

Personal Space Is Something You Dream of in Your Sleep

Soyeong Kim, PhD is a counseling psychologist in Providence, Rhode Island and a post-doctoral research fellow at Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Her research focuses on understanding stress and trauma within cultural context. She has particular interests in serving historically marginalized populations. She writes:

Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, it felt the city never stopped turning its wheels. Restaurants open 24-hours. Street signs that never went off. Korean karaoke unending through the night. Fifty-one million people – a population larger the combined populations of Texas and Florida – living in a country half the size of New England. So, as you can imagine, personal space is something that you dreamed of in your sleep.

Learn more about how Dr. Kim shuts off the outside world in a good way, better known as mindfulness.

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