Tuesday, October 20, 2020

In the Year of a Global Pandemic, Here Are 8 Marketers You Should Follow to Improve Your Marketing

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A good global marketer wanting to master his craft needs to run A/B tests, experiment with new tools, share his or her thoughts with the community, debate and learn from others while exploring numerous marketing venues.  The list below is a good one but let us not forget the great Ann Handley.  After all, we are seeking diversity and inclusion, right?

And I'd be remiss for not bringing up one of my all time favorite marketing geniuses:  David Ogilvy.  From the book, "D.O., The unpublished David Ogilvy – a selection of his writings from the files of his partners:"  Here's a clip.

To Cliff Field, a great copywriter, on his seventh anniversary with the company:

September 21, 1963


I see you have been here for seven years.  I've been here for twice as long.  God knows what this proves.


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