Thursday, April 11, 2019

Treat Every Overseas Sale Like Its Your First

Innovator and designer Julia Christie of the multi-award-winning baby nail trimmer – the Nail Snail, has recently expanded her business outside of Australia and says that “Done right, it can be the best thing for your business.”

After selling over 20,000 nail trimmers since launching her product in 2017, going global was a natural naturally the next step.  In order to expand, Julia needed to have an understanding of the export industry.

One of the issues Julia wanted to be extra careful on are export contracts.  She consulted with a lawyer to ensure all relevant aspects to a sale were covered.
“I treat every overseas shipment like it was my very first. I methodically go through the procedures to ensure that my Nail Snails are distributed in a safe and timely manner. Shipping to an unknown destination can be a tad stressful but with tracking numbers, references and internationally recognised barcodes, I feel secure knowing that my shipment will go smoothly from start to finish. Understanding the different technologies used in the process was all part of my learning curve,” Julia said.
Learn more about Julia's (ad)venture in going global here.

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