Friday, October 12, 2018

The Brobe Sells to the World

The Brobe, a medical garment company, was spurred by a local cause very dear to Allison Shickel's heart -- but her idea has translated into a rapidly expanding global company.
"A friend of mine had four surgeries for breast cancer," Shickel told CBS MoneyWatch in an interview. "She said they gave me these drains, and she showed me [the garment the hospital gave her]. It didn't hold up or give her any dignity. I was thinking there's no way if my mom or sister had their breast removed that I would give this to them," Shickel said.
That was the insight and inspiration that launched her Austin, Texas-based business the Brobe.  The garment includes engineered interior pockets to handle various post-surgical indignities such as drains, which allows for a very graceful recovery for all.

Learn more about how she pivoted into the global marketplace via her online platform that sells to the world.

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