Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Australian Age of Entrepreneurship

According to Bernard Salt, managing director of The Demographics Group, there is very much an Australian age of entrepreneurship.
The 2016 census shows that most business owner-managers are aged between 45 and 53. The peaks are higher for men than for women but both sexes top out in their entrepreneurial capacity at this time in life. 
However, Salt goes on to say, "The grassroots of Australian entrepreneurship is based in the new housing estates and in the shopping strips and centres in middle Australia. But our concept of entrepreneurship doesn’t seem to be capable of being leveraged into the kinds of big businesses [Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.] that have so defined America in the past generation."

By housing estates, he means that a lot of Australia's entrepreneurial muscle comprises of small businesses associated with house cons­truction.

Read on to learn why Australian entrepreneurs must strive for a global reach.

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