Thursday, January 18, 2018

Inspiring Global Success

ATG Access, a small business selling into 25 countries every year, is a manufacturer of security products, in particular vehicle barriers that protect people and buildings from vehicle attack. It generates half of its turnover through exporting.

With incidents over the last year making it a very timely product, countries across the world are now looking to shore up defences. The result of this has been considerable global success for the young company.

Here's what ATC Access has to say about going global:
“Exporting is great fun. I’ve [Gavin Hepburn, sales and marketing director for ATC Access] probably been to 60 countries now because it’s such a globally orientated business. You get to go to some really interesting places and meet some lovely people. It’s been a lot of fun jumping in planes, going to different countries.  It's not boring, that's for sure."
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