Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Seller Summit

What is the Seller Summit?  It's tricky.  Amazon recently ran an event, referred to as a Seller Summit, attended by 500 interested in selling via the soon to be launched local version of Marketplace, the third party selling platform which generates more than half Amazon’s total global revenue.  The 500 who attended the event will be on a priority list of those to get an invitation-only to sell via Amazon Marketplace.  (Gee, sounds a little bit like the old Gilt business model where you had to wait to be invited.)

Amazon plans to launch in Australia with both a direct retail presence and an Amazon Marketplace offering of local sellers.
“We held the Seller Summit to encourage and educate Australian businesses on how they can use Amazon Marketplace to take their products to a global audience,” says [Rocco] Braeuniger [Amazon Australia country head].
Read more about how Amazon is quietly building a supplier network for direct sales in Australia.

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