Tuesday, August 01, 2017

How to Take a Business Global (WEGGinar™)

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Have you ever thought about selling your products via e-commerce?  Questioned whether a Kickstarter campaign might fuel and fund your idea?  Wondered how to handle the fulfillment and transport of your products?  Debated on which online e-commerce platform will handle your global transactions? Worried about how to collect online payments from customers worldwide?  Lost sleep over how to put all this into place in a cohesive, strategic and global fashion where the end results spells success?

Well then you better sign up for the next WEGGinar™ on 8/2 over at Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global.  It's free but you must register to participate.  Sign up here.  Oh, by the way, I'll be on the WEGGinar™ to moderate the Q&A.  And it's the co-founders of Beddys.com who will be talking about how they did it: took their bed business global.  

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