Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What UK SME Exports Reveal

Today, we take a look at reports from two big global shipping companies, FedEx and UPS, on the state of UK SME exports.

FedEx says:

"More than 63 per cent of British small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are exporting and making a significant contribution to rising international trade by taking advantage of declines in the value of the pound, reveals new research of exporting SMEs by FedEx Express."

UPS says:

"The UPS European SME Exporting Insights survey draws on the views of more than 12,800 owners and directors of SMEs in eight European countries. The research shows more small business owners are exporting, and reporting above average revenue growth."

For the FedEx study, "2015 European SME Export Report," visit:

For the UPS report, "2016 European SME Exporting Insights Study," visit:

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