Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Smallest of Businesses Can Go Global If They Can Access the Internet

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The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) ended the World Trade Organization’s (WTO's) first ever dialogue with the business community as an important step towards strengthening the global trade agenda.

The event identified a broad range of possible WTO initiatives to help boost trade-led inclusive growth, including, but not limited to:
SME growth
Business leaders encouraged the WTO to explore possible initiatives to make trade easier for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), going beyond trade facilitation reforms to identify where harmonized rules and end-to-end standards can help small businesses access global markets. Access to financing was also highlighted as a priority to support SME trade growth.
Adding to that, the International Chamber of Commerce's First Vice-Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal said:  "The global nature of e-commerce means that the WTO has a vital role to play in the further development of rules and standards for this area. E-commerce has the potential to revolutionize global trade flows. Today, even the smallest of businesses can go global if they can access the internet."

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