Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Internationalizing in the High-Technology Market

Recent research entitled, "Hybrid strategy works best when high-technology companies go global," by Professor of International Business Mika Gabrielsson from the University of Eastern Finland, Senior Researcher Tomi Seppälä from Aalto University, and Professor of Marketing Peter Gabrielsson from the University of Vaasa, debunks the theory that companies can successfully go international by adhering to a single competitive strategy.

  • Study says hybrid strategy creates conditions for internationalizing companies to achieve best financial performance.
  • Study challenges theory that a company should try either differentiation or cost leadership when going international.
  • Conditions of the home markets of firms have received too little attention in globalization strategy work.
Sounds like Michael Porter, a Harvard Business School professor and consultant, is also being challenged on his theory that a company should adhere to a single competitive strategy, either differentiation or cost leadership, when going international.

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