Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Value Shift in SMB IT Priorities

Market research firm Techaisle forecasts that global SMB IT spend is nearing US$600 billion in 2015 which is an average of US$700 per full-time employee and slightly over US$8K per SMB business. Corresponding US SMB IT spend will most likely be US$180 billion in 2015. Techaisle defines SMBs with 1-999 employees.

“The global SMB market has been the growth engine for the IT industry at large,” said report writer for Techaisle, Anurag Agrawal. “The reason is quite simply that SMBs account for over 80 percent of businesses in any country – developed or developing.  And over the last few years there has been an ongoing change in SMB IT priorities – Techaisle calls this the ‘Value Shift’."

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