Thursday, July 30, 2015

Building Products to Help Small Businesses Easily Launch Online

Since its was founded in 2012, Tictail has predominantly been focused on building products to help small business easily launch online. Tictail is a Swedish e-commerce startup -- think along the lines of less crafty than Etsy -- and has two aims.
The company wants to make it easier for new designers, independent brands, and emerging small businesses to have an easier way to set up shop online—and make it easier for the rest of us to shop for something trendy, new, and different, too.
According to research from eMarketer, e-commerce accounted for nearly 6 percent of all global retail sales in 2014, or more than $1.3 trillion. And those numbers are only expected to grow.  Ticktail wants to snatch and grab what they can of that market as fast as they can.

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