Thursday, April 23, 2015

An App That Will Give You a New Perspective of the World

At Glimpse, they want you to experience the world as it unfolds, from a whole new perspective.

What is Glimpse?
Here at Glimpse, we believe in connecting people immediately. We believe in sharing experiences around the world for the purposes you believe in; whether it's giving a glimpse of the Chinese New Year, your son or daughter’s first birthday, or just a time out with friends. We bring you these capabilities with live video streaming in three Globular shaped newsfeeds: The Perspective, The Personal, and The Passion. When accessing ... read more.
Why use Glimpse?
Have you ever wondered what happens around the city, state, country, or world; wanted to learn about what other people do throughout their day; or simply wanted to tune into an event live? Glimpse provides this opportunity to all of our users ... read more.
How do you use Glimpse?
It's about YOU so find out ... read more.

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