Friday, January 23, 2015

Is Going Global a Goal For You in 2015?

With 23 days into a new year, have you set going global as one of your top goals for your business?

Mark Murphy, author of Hard Goals: The Secret to Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be offers a great test to assess whether your goals are too tough or lame by asking the following five questions.  Think of each of these as it relates to taking your business global:
  1. Totally within my comfort zone. (“I could do it with my eyes closed.”)
  2. Pretty much within my comfort zone. (“My eyes are open, but I’m not excited.”)
  3. A little outside my comfort zone. (“I’m feeling a twinge of nervousness.”)
  4. Outside my comfort zone. (“I’m on pins and needles.”)
  5. Way outside my comfort zone. (“I’m so anxiety-ridden that I can’t even respond.” )
As Shelly Levitt says in Are Your Goals Tough Enough?  Or Too Tough?, you should aim for No. 4, a goal that takes you into uncharted territory but doesn’t leave you feeling hopelessly lost.

Doesn't that sound like going global?  Go for it!

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