Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What You Need to Know About Anti-Bribery and Corruption in M&A

If you are considering venturing overseas, it would behoove you to review what processes you have in place for managing bribery and corruption risk.  For example, with a new, unknown market, you may not recognize the red flags in dealing with the government and third parties.

As Bill George, author, Harvard Business School professor and former CEO of Medtronic said, "To build a truly great, global business, business leaders need to adopt a global standard of ethical practices."

While conducting business across borders, companies have to be mindful of ethics and laws, especially as they relate to exporting and other methods of global expansion.

For more information on what directors at firms need to know about anti-bribery and corruption in M&A, read:  Venturing Overseas?  Pack the Domestic Rulebook

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