Tuesday, February 04, 2014

What Is the Key to Exporting Eyewear Around the World?

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Gina Arcari, Managing Director of Dita Eyewear Europe, discusses international growth from her Dublin base.  Quick backstory:  Dita was founded in Los Angeles, California by two childhood friends who spotted a niche in the market to design, manufacture and distribute luxurious fashion eyewear for both men and women.  The Web site indicates Dita has been handcrafting eyewear since 1996.  The company has grown due to procuring some of the best materials available and, interestingly enough, using Japanese-based manufacturing.

What's the key to entering new markets and maintaining existing ones?
Through networking and contacts we have managed to establish key independent sales reps and distributors strategically placed around the world to maximize our sales in each region.  In addition to this it is important to maximize our exposure through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
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