Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Intrapreneurship Can Be Global

The first written use of the term intrapreneur, intrapreneuring and intrapreneurship goes back to around 1978 by Gifford and Elizabeth Pinchot.  In 1985, Gifford Pinchot wrote a best-selling book "Intrapreneuring:  Why You Don't Have to Leave the Corporation to Become an Entrepreneur."  I read the book and found it absolutely fascinating.  Amazon barely has a mention of it.  Pinchot was so ahead of his time.

Intrapreneurship is now talked about as cultivating entrepreneurship within big companies.  How do you get corporate employees to come up with creatives ideas that result in radical improvements within an organization?  Many refer to that same concept as Skunk Works Projects.  

A lot of folks thought intrapreneurship was a fad but it isn't. 
... PwC’s PowerPitch program that I previously mentioned was an entrepreneurship contest that engaged 60% of their entire global organization of 30,000 employees. They had expected 100 ideas to come in, but received over 779 in the first round.
 How Big Companies Are Becoming Entrepreneurial

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