Monday, December 17, 2012

To Be Successful in the Global Marketplace You Must Be Inclusive

Here's what Shirley Engelmeier has to say for Fox Small Business Center:
To be successful you must be inclusive, that is, you must give up misplaced sentiments of ethnocentrism and seek to learn, really learn, about the native culture you hope to market to from the native culture you hope to market to. You can’t take a U.S.-centric approach.
She also tells us something you may not already know, that is, if you just started using the Internet today:
So you think global markets are just for the big guys? Think again! The truth is, small companies can tap into one of the many rapidly emerging markets.  In fact, everything is global these days.
Read the entire article:  Going Global:  It's Not About You; It's About Them

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Jerry Hingle said...

That is good advice. With all the programs available today and the internet, it's even easier for small businesses to break into global markets.