Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Russia: An Amazing Country to Be An Entrepreneur

According to Ms. Maelle Gavet, CEO of Russia's largest e-commerce company, Ozon Holdings, "If you have an idea here, chances are it hasn't been done well.  Russia is an amazing country to be an entrepreneur!" 
Gavet has succeeded by taking the other side of this bet. "It's happening now," she says. "E-commerce is at a tipping point." She points to Russians' soaring incomes: Per-capita purchasing power has tripled, to $19,000, since 2000. (Compare that with Brazil, where per-capita income is still under $12,000, despite a high-growth economy.) Russians are also enjoying a newfound embrace of the Internet. The country now boasts roughly 70 million Internet users, more than any other European country.
Based on the article below, Russia is considered the world's last great untapped Internet market.

As in the case of Ms. Gavet, you never know what direction our lives will take until one is well on their way. Oftentimes, even by default, we can find our greatest treasures in life. Hard work helps.  So does smarts. Regardless, the next global opportunity could be right in front of you.

Is This the Jeff Bezos of Russia?

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