Tuesday, July 17, 2012

U.S.A. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Insights: Brought to You By the World Entrepreneurship Forum 2012

This is the second installment in our interview series and in preparation for the 5th edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum 2012 in Lyon, France (October 24-27), which I will attend.

The theme for this year's Forum is:  "Entrepreneurial Ecosystems:  Cultivating Communities to Drive Wealth Creation and Social Justice."

Below is the interview with Professor Patricia Greene, who is a pioneer member of the Forum and a Professor of Entrepreneurship of Babson College, USA, where she holds the Paul T. Babson Chair in Entrepreneurship.
YH Robillard:  Professor Greene, being based in the USA which is traditionally perceived as THE place for entrepreneurs, you are familiar with successful entrepreneurial ecosystems creating outstanding global companies. Which ones, according to you, are the most interesting cases to study?

P. Greene:  If I had to select a few ecosystems all over the US, I would mention the following four: Silicon Valley, Boston, Kansas City and New York City. Each of them is at the heart of a vibrant entrepreneurial community comprising high-growth companies - but not only. Just as in the case of a rainforest being made of different trees, bushes and leaves, a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem is not made of high-growth companies oriented ...
Read the entire interview here.

Watch for more interviews to come from Peter Harrington, SimVenture (U.K.) plus more!

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