Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thanks to the Internet, Everyone Can Be Global

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Why just look.
These days though, indie recordings are the new currency, unsigned bands are the new mainstream, and no one needs to look to major music labels to get a shot at fame. Sure, you still get your Lady Gagas and your Madonnas and your Black Eyed Peas. But the buzz about indie artists is that they get just as much fan fervour as major label artists. 
Find out how:  Starting Local, Going Global

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id systems said...

Your explanation is quite simple but hit the right point. Any entrepreneur can reach a huge market even if he is fairly new in the industry. The Internet makes it all so easy and offers a wide variety of tools for everyone to use. Some of them do not require payment at all and that works quite well for newbies. However, if you do not know the appropriate business tools to use, you might end up ruining you chance to be on top of your game.

Unknown said...

I totally agree that the internet has made international business (and music) much easier. The truth is people still need to have some cross cultural training to build a knowledge of different countries. We can't be ignorant anymore and think that everyone lives the same way we do. Learn about other cultures and be a better international business person.