Monday, March 21, 2011

How a Calamity Can Create Positive Change

The tragedy in Japan caused by a magnitude-9 earthquake and turbo-charged tsunami leads one to think the unthinkable:  Will Japan recover?

With a culture like this (refer below), how can they not slowly rebuild?
In the face of calamity, a decent people has proved extremely resilient: no looting; very little complaining among the tsunami survivors. In Tokyo people queued patiently to meet their tax deadlines. Everywhere there was a calm determination to conjure a little order out of chaos. Volunteers have rushed to help. ~ The Economist, Japan's hydra-headed disaster:  The fallout
Read the entire article here.

And Mr. Howard Stringer, chairman, CEO and President of Sony Corp. writes a commentary for The Wall Street Journal (3/18/11) that I wish I would have written.  I so agree with his sentiments about the Japanese having a national spirit of grace, generosity, and common cause that just never gives up.

Read the entire article:  Howard Stringer:  The Japanese Will Persevere and Never Give Up

A recent article I authored before the Japan crisis for (Import and Export):  Japan Business:  5 Ways to Build Harmony With Japanese Customers

And an old piece about my experience doing business in Japan reflecting my love of the country and its people:  An American Trader in Japan.

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