Tuesday, March 09, 2010

When to Expand Internationally?

Three-year old Zinch.com, a platform that allows students to be seen for what they are -- not just numbers, but people -- explains when to expand a business internationally:

When to expand internationally?

"We're three years old, and we were cash-flow positive before our current venture financing came. Although it is risky and expanding internationally adds a lot of complexity to the business, we think this is such a good idea that we want to expand before someone else does.

The scarcest asset is our relationships with institutions. They are very skeptical, but right now we have more than 800 clients, of which some are the most selective in the world," Anne adds. This, together with simplifying its technology, gives Zinch the edge to expand internationally and manage its complexity.
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Turn Key Business Idea said...

To expand a business internationally can be the best opportunity that is out there. But involves a lot of risks, money and courage. However, when all your efforts paid off, you will feel like heaven. All that it takes is the courage to invest, trust, skills, and some sort of luck.

Robert Rogers said...

Really, expansion internationally is not too unlike expanding markets domestically. The issues you face will be different, but the planning and trends you follow will be very similar.