Monday, August 10, 2009

Socializing On The Go In South Africa

Part Facebook, part Flickr, and a dash of Twitter combined with a GPS-type navigation system, The Grid -- a mobile social network that allows users to chat and share stuff in a mobile location-based matrix with all of their friends and locate them on a map -- is a first for the African continent.

Call it, if you will, socializing on the go. If users want to have a soda with a friend, they log into The Grid to see which friends are nearby and tag the location of a nearby hangout. Then they send a soda invitation with directions to entice their pal to stop in. If the soda group wants more friends to join them, they can log in again and type up a blog, message or record a quick video and invite everyone who’s free and happens to be nearby.

Everyone can easily see where friends are and what they are doing due to The Grid displaying the user’s approximate position on a street map. Users from any network can join in the experience because The Grid was developed to showcase innovative new technologies to all South Africans.

Learn more here at the Brand Channel and stop in at The Grid.

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