Friday, May 29, 2009

Trust Starts Here

Six trusted colleagues weigh in to tell us why trust matters and how to get, keep and maintain it.

Read it here -> How To Build Trust -- over at the OPEN Forum by American Express Open.


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed reading all those thoughts on trust - it really is an essential element to building a successful business.
I think two of the most important elements are staying true to your word and remaining consistent. I think these apply to your interactions with people but also to do with the structures around which you build your business. I believe that if you keep certain elements to your business consistent, it helps to foster trust. I would even venture to say that maintaining brand integrity is connected to this. We have started using a company ( that allows us to keep consistent with our branding even when using their services.

Laurel Delaney said...

Thanks for weighing in Katheryn.

You point out good attributes on both "staying true to your word and remaining consistent."

I notice that other readers are highlighting how important "character" and "competency" are in the grand scheme of building trust.