Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thinking Of Taking Your Business Global?

You've come to the right place! Just finished the LIVE event for the Small Business Online Community (powered by Bank of America). Here are some of the questions I addressed:

• Can you talk about tips related to container shipping? Also, sometimes I do not have enough merchandise to fill one container, how can I find a partner to share costs?

• How do you go about establishing a relationship with an international merchant? I was traveling and came across some innovative products that would do well in the U.S. Also, what legal or tax related issues are there with shipping goods from overseas to the U.S.?

• When do you know if it's right for your business to expand into other countries? What advantages are there?

• I would like to start a small business. What’s your advice?

• How does globalization impact neighborhood businesses? Do small neighborhood businesses like restaurants, barbershops, local retailers, etc. need to be aware of globalization? How does international trade affect those kinds of businesses, and how can an awareness of global issues make them more successful?

• Are there certain countries that are easier to export to? Why?

Find out the answers here.

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