Thursday, August 21, 2008

Watch The World Contribute Ideas

The term "crowdsourcing," was coined by Jeff Howe, Contributing Editor of Wired Magazine which simply put, is outsourcing work using the Internet to a large group of people.

More recently, crowdsourcing has hit the design community and has become a viable way for small businesses that cannot afford big name design powerhouses yet want something more than stock clip art to get great design results. There are freelancer listing sites like Guru and Elance along with crowdSPRING.

crowdSPRING, although only 4 months old, has already garnered 5,000+ creatives in over 125 countries. Projects are posted every day from non profit organizations, small businesses, rock bands and just about everyone else on the planet!

The small company of eight in Chicago has greatly expanded since its inception, and its thriving community shows that crowdsourcing is a viable alternative to the traditional design model.

Check out crowdSPRING to see the diversity of creatives and projects, and see what you think. Maybe post a creative project; watch the world contribute ideas; and, choose one you like.


Anonymous said...

Hey Laurel,

Thanks so much for the wonderful article. We are so proud of the community of creatives that we are growing here at crowdSPRING, and especially proud to be mentioned in the same breath as Jeff Howe.

Crowdsourcing (or Community Based Design in our world) is a phenomenon which benefits both buyers of creative services and the creatives themselves. It gives buyers access to a global pool of talent to whom they have never had access before. And, it gives creatives around the world access to clients and projects that they could not have reached in the traditional model.

So thanks again and looking forward to reading more!


Mike Samson

Anonymous said...

My pleasure Mike. Keep up the good work!