Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Law in China

From the New York offices of Global Trade & Technology Center:
Join "Lawyer in China" on Facebook -- your online legal advisor!

The Chinese economy is booming. Have you considered exploring the business opportunities in the People's Republic of China? Do you need legal advice for your business in China? If so, register on Facebook and join the group "Lawyer in China," the online legal advisor for your business in China.

If you are a lawyer interested in the Chinese legal service market, you are welcomed to join the group too. The group is looking for lawyers to serve the group members, they will appoint one to two lawyers for each major city worldwide: i.e. Shanghai, Beijing , Shenzhen, New York, Tokyo, London, and Berlin. Lawyers can submit their vitas and profiles to the members to illustrate their legal expertise by answering questions submitted by members.

Please note that only one to two lawyers will be appointed for each city. Their policy is on a first come first serve basis for lawyers to be listed for respective cities.

Description of the group:

• A platform for legal professionals to demonstrate their legal expertise;
• A platform for non-legal professionals to seek legal advice.

If you have any legal questions, please feel free to post it on the homepage of the group so that the moderator, officers or even other members may respond with valuable assistance.
Note from Laurel: Be careful here. No clue as to the expertise of the site creator nor the legitimacy of the platform itself. We are not endorsing the work, rather, just letting you know about it.

Separately but related and with the help of an expert IP attorney, just finished working on a great article for Entrepreneur magazine on global trademarks which I think will be very helpful to you, especially if you are thinking about protecting a logo, slogan or product name internationally. Watch for it in October.

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