Friday, May 02, 2008

Go Global

Last week while in Boston attending the Women Presidents' Organization annual conference, I had the great pleasure to sit-in on a talk given by Ms. Sung-Joo Kim (pictured), Chairperson & CEO, Sungjoo Group/MCM Group, on the topic of "Women's Strengths: 21st Century Competitiveness."

Her global business success is largely attributed to her ability to innovate as a designer, as a businesswoman, and as the re-inventor of world-renowned brands including Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Sonia Rykiel and Marks & Spencer.

She shared tips for success -- one of them naturally is going global so I could not help but take a picture of the slide -- on how to think and innovate in the midst of our ever-changing and highly competitive global marketplace.

She is an inspiration to us all. Visit her companies here:

MCM Worldwide
Global Sung Joo Group
Kim Sung Joo

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