Friday, April 04, 2008

In a Recession, Dare To Be Different!

Wrote this piece, "5 Tips to Recession-Proof Global Marketing," that was published in Modern Postcard News. Here's a glimpse of No. 5:
Dare To Be Different

Cut loose and do something wild. Show some energy! Look alive! If you were offered the same product at the same price by salesperson A and salesperson B, but salesperson A gave a presentation that made you smile, who would get your order? Put a sense of fun into your global marketing efforts. Send eye-catching subject lines in your emails that add spice to routine communications. Phone your customers once in awhile so they can hear your voice and know they're dealing with a human being. Send flowers with your product catalog tucked inside. Have a friend take a goofy photograph of you toiling up a sunny hillside with your product strapped to your back, caption it with something like "Things are looking up —thanks for your business!" and mail it postcard-fashion. Good will and good humor keep us all going, especially in a poor economy —so don't be afraid to get a bit wacky. It will capture your customers' attention and set you apart from the crowd.

Hope it helps keep your sales strong (especially exports!) during a sluggish global economy.


Anonymous said...

Great post. We sent something similar on our newsletter. It is like mass histeria out there, even though all of it may not even be true

Anonymous said...

Great ideas, thank you. I particuarly like your photo idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mark and Michael,

Thanks for your comments. I noticed you both are working in the small business space. Let us know how we can help you. And definitely let us know what you are doing to protect yourself and your business from the recession. What are you doing differently now (in addition to making blog comments) versus same time last year to grow your businesses?

Warm regards,

Anonymous said...

Great points. Your readers might like this podcast on selling in a recession too

Unknown said...

I like your positive and somewhat wacky approach to business. Yes, we need to have a sense of humor and stand out from the crowd. Your ideas are great, as long as you don't lose your business sense in making decisions.

Thanks..........Bill Warner