Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Global Trend Toolkit

Happy New Year! May it be your year for doing business with the world.

We hope this 2008 Global Trend Toolkit that we put together below provides a road map to your future!

Get ready, get started, go global!

Prediction for 2008: Business and Website Globalization, Technology, and Business Models

Web Globalization Predictions: 2008 and Beyond

Resolutions To Do Business Globally in 2008

Keeping You at the Forefront of Global Business

Eight Business Technology Trends To Watch

2008 Small Business Trends and Predictions

Advertising Trends to Watch in 2008

Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2008 (look for the listing and PDF file to download)

10 Media Trends to Watch in 2008

2008 Top Hotel and Restaurant Trends to Watch

Ten Wine Trends to Watch in 2008

Six Enterprise Application Trends to Watch in 2008

5 Wireless Trends to Watch in 2008

Small Business Trends (constantly updated)

Five Tech Trends to Watch in 2008

8 Important Consumer Trends for 2008
Seven Virtualization Trends to Watch in 2008

E-commerce Trends to Watch in 2008

E-business Trends to Watch in 2008

Packaging Trends to Watch in 2008

Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2008

Financial Trends for 2008 by Wall Street & Technology

Stuck? Visit Google's Trends Lab

Have we missed your trend report? Let us know and we will post it.


Tina Nies said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog off and on for a while. I love all the trend reports you've compiled for easy access - Thank you!

I'm glad to see so many of them focusing on more than just earning dollars and instead on the environment, looking at real service to customers, and improving attitudes and happiness!

- Tina Nies,

jimmy said...

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