Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Are You No. 1 Globally?

Digital Vision/Thinkstock
In a bid to be No. 1 globally, Japan's top retailer opens a flagship Uniqlo store in Manhattan.

The unveiling of Uniqlo's new global flagship store was audacious, even to the jaded habitu├ęs of Manhattan's SoHo. At 36,000 square feet, it's the area's second-largest retail showroom after Bloomingdale's, dominating a block packed with rivals like H&M and Banana Republic.

The cool Japanese retailer tried to build buzz by blanketing the city with ads featuring offbeat celebrities like Sonic Youth guitarist Kim Gordon (pictured). It worked: Holiday crowds flocked to the slick emporium that seemed to have popped out of nowhere.

What are you doing to create global buzz?

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